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Flip & tumble Grocery Bags April 24, 2008

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I always have the intention of bringing my own reusable grocery bag each time I visit the supermart. However, I always seem to leave it all behind until I reach the groceries did I recall all about it.

So here is such a clever innovation of a grocery bag which is small enough occupy a space in our handbags, ensuring we will never leave it behind again.

Introducing the Flip & tumble grocery bag!

The bag measures 12”x14”x5” and has a 26.5“ length strap. Big enough for 3 large soda bottles. The ball is 3” in diameter, about the size of a peach.

25 lb. capacity, so load it up with a bowling ball or two. A shoulder pad keeps heavy loads feeling light.

The bag is constructed of lightweight nylon ripstop.

You may visit to find out how it works and I am sure you will be itching to get one for yourself!