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Personal Goal Setting April 13, 2008

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The new week is ahead of us, it will be good if all of us could put down personal goals which we wish to achieve within the week in order to keep us on the right track to achieving our long term goals in life.

All, or most of us have personal goals. We have some short term goals such as those we want to achieve within a month or even a week. Controversially, we also have long term ones which leads us to achievements of a lifetime such as a successful career.

Setting goals helps us to generate plans for our future. Allows us to choose our directions in life and identify distractions and get them out of our way.  They also gives us motivation and builds our self confidence as we realize how we can reach our goals faster.

Here is a general guideline in Setting your Personal Goals:

Step 1: Take an overview of your life which allows you to look at the bigger picture of what you want to do with your life. Decide on the larger scale goals which you want to achieve to make your life more fulfilling.

Step 2: Break these jargons into smaller pieces like jigsaw puzzle separated into its smaller pieces. Making sure these smaller goals will progressively lead you to your ultimate goals of life.

Step 3: In order to allow your life to be a more all-rounded one, perhaps you can categorize your goals into some of these:

* Artistic








*Public Service

Step 4: Set a realistic time frame of even up to 25 years whichever is comfortable for you. Do note that by cramping your many long term goals within too short a time frame might cause you to lose motivation when you fall short of your expectations.

Attempt to create daily To-Do List which sees you through completion of your daily task and by doing a daily reflection according to your To-Do List will allow you to learn from mistakes and gain satisfaction in what you have completed in the day.

C’mon and take on these baby steps which will go a long way with you.


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